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Love Labored Found

or you’re going to lose
the very thing you are
searching to find.

Let love come
from all angles
without tormentingly
forcing down the door.

Let Love grow in patient
and sweet endeavors to find
Love lost to all mankind
serve you.

Be free
to let Love be
everything and all
of which blossomed flowers spring.

The heart may ache
and be impatient,
but Love labored lost
will be Love labored found.


Silently I sat waiting in the snow

Silently I sat
waiting in the snow,
in the ice,
in the cold.

I had amnesia;
unaware of who I was,
what I was doing,
and what was around me.

I heard a noise;
a voice calling for someone.
Someone I thought I knew
was searching for me.

Then I saw your figure;
you were walking towards me,
beckoning me towards you
with a glimmer of hope in your eyes.