At the Tomb of the unknown soldier.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

How many have lain down their heads?
How many have been called to sleep eternal?
How many do we not know?
Our brothers. Our sisters.
We are one people Lord;
not by creed or colour,
but because you redeemed us.
You transformed our hearts.
You, O God, gave us a new spirit.
A Spirit of Hope, A Spirit of Joy,
You God are our light and shield,
You are our defender, our protector, our redeemer.
In you there is life.
In your laws there is freedom.
In you there is forgiveness from all our sins.
But God, you are not an unknown soldier;
you dwell within our hearts.
You are the light that lives within us.
Our goodness is but a reflection of your grace.
In the stillness of your voice there is peace.
By your hands we have been made free.
By your stripes, your hurt, your death
we live.


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