Love Labored Found

or you’re going to lose
the very thing you are
searching to find.

Let love come
from all angles
without tormentingly
forcing down the door.

Let Love grow in patient
and sweet endeavors to find
Love lost to all mankind
serve you.

Be free
to let Love be
everything and all
of which blossomed flowers spring.

The heart may ache
and be impatient,
but Love labored lost
will be Love labored found.


One thought on “Love Labored Found”

  1. There is wisdom, there is chastisement, and there is gentle coaxing of wisdom from the listener. On the one hand, I agree with you–love can’t be forced; but on the other hand, I also think that people who feel they feel love and succumb to their less patient natures, are also drawing “love”, in an abstract sense, to act and progress and run to its conclusion, as it would. Our imperfect, unwise, ill-advised characters are sometimes the catalyst that love also needs to reveal what it is. Just my two cents’. Your poem was thought-provoking, and when looked at certain angles, has many facets worthy of discussion.

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