Anarchism is an Impossibility

What is Anarchism?  It is the want of no overseeing authority, and as such I believe that it cannot exist.   Why do I say this?  I say this because as long as someone has some influence or guidance over a person, such as a parent, teacher, bully, siblings, anyone you can think of, in a way that they are compelled to act in a way that they would not if free from that person, then there will be some sense of overseer.  That is how I see anarchy- without any overseer.  Even in stories I have read where the author was trying to reveal an anarchist state, such as Lord of the Flies, as time progressed anarchy refused to remain.  People wanted to feel safe so they sought protection.  I may have an oversimplified version of anarchy, but I do not see that it can exist.


That said, I don’t think there should be.  Not because I don’t believe in the best of man, but that some organization is needed.  I read once on the origins of government and the writer was illustrating his point by going back and looking at a caveman he named Bob.  Bob was out scouring for food one day and wandered to a stream.  He noticed that some of the plants he found  there had some juicy fruit (not the gum), and thus had an appetizing snack.  He also noticed that there were hard stones in this fruit so he tossed them on the ground.  A few months later he came back to the same spot, noticing his familiar tree, and found that there were even more of the trees except they were smaller.    It dawned on him that what he has seeing were those same stones he had spit on the ground.  He wanted to see if he could do this again, and sure enough there again sprouted more trees after a few months time.  He decided to move his family back to that area by the stream so that they would have plenty of food.  As food was now readily available he could spend time looking for more kinds of food knowing that if he didn’t find anything his family wouldn’t go hungry.  One day a group of wandering cavemen came and took all the fruit off the trees that had provided him so much food.  Not only that they took all the branches off the tree to use for their hunting supplies.  The cave man realized that he had no means of defending his area and was forced to give his fruit away because he had no defense.  He decided to find more cavemen and show them how he had made fruit from ground, so that maybe together they could defend the area and mutually benefit from each other.  The new caveman decided to grow something  else using the new method he had been taught.  After a while they had the beginnings of a farm going on, able to provide plenty for their families.  It was good.  Suddenly that group of wandering cavemen was spotted off in the distance and the men decided to defend their area rather than let it be taken by someone else.  According to the book something like that was the beginning of government.  The point was that some structure needs to be there in order to be able to support yourself and others.


Government is a way of organizing people.  People can bond around a common language, common situations, common life experiences.  That said I am no proponent of Large and intrusive government.  I think it should be small and limited in scope and what it can do.  I also believe that the constitution of the U.S. provides the best form of government giving people freedom.  In practice it may not happen like that, but the idea is there.


I see the pulling of anarchism- freedom.  I would like to use a quote I have heard a lot in relation to the Military, “freedom isn’t free.”  Isn’t that true?  Do we not need to protect ourselves from those who would want to harm us?  And though you can say a lot about the evils of government, and yes there are a lot, but protection is something vital to us right after our basic needs of food, water, and oxygen.






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